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Developing a new brand framework for the Natural History Museum to support a major re-launch and re-positioning.

The Natural History Museum recognised the opportunity of the reopening of Hintze Hall in July 2017 to reframe its story, and engage audiences and stakeholders in its exciting vision to shape the planet’s future. 

Kate led work to create a new brand framework for the museum, centred around a reimagined purpose ‘to inspire a love of our natural world and unlock answers to the big issues facing humanity and the planet’. At its heart was the diving blue whale skeleton, given the name ‘Hope’ as an embodiment of the vision.

Supported by stories of the brand principles in action, the framework enabled the museum to communicate a clear, compelling and consistent set of messages. Not only did these achieve cut-through in the museum’s most successful ever media campaign, reaching 86% of the UK population and 90 million globally, it repositioned the Museum as a relevant, future-focused cultural and scientific leader, growing its influence with government, funders and partners.

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